Common Ground Initiative

New Official Websites for Rep. Esquivel and Weidner

Common Ground is proud to announce the launch of new official websites for Representative Sal Esquivel (HD-6, Medford) and Representative Jim Weidner (HD-24, McMinnville). Representative Esquivel and Weidner’s new interactive web platforms possess an array of modern features that will empower them to better communicate and interact with their constituents. Some of their innovative features include:

  • Interactive District Map: Navigate the district using a Google map
  • Multimedia Page: Watch videos of Rep. Esquivel and Weidner in action on the house floor
  • Capitol Tours: Learn more or sign up for Capitol tours from the website
  • Meet Jim: Sign up to meet Rep. Weidner in district or the Capitol directly from the website
  • E-newsletter Sign and Archive: View previous newsletters and sign up for the mailing list
  • Social Media Integration: Ability to “Like” web pages on Facebook and view social media channels
  • Facebook Widget: View the latest post or “Like” Rep. Esquivel or Wiedner’s Facebook page
  • Search A Bill: Easily search and find legislation

Click on the Rep. Weidner and Esquivel’s websites below to visit their live sites.


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