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Target Audiences by Job Title with LinkedIn

Is it Time to Add LinkedIn to Your Advertising Formula?

LinkedIn announced last week a big enhancement to their advertising platform. Advertisers now have the capability to target LinkedIn ads to specific job titles of their 85 million users. But are there any LinkedIn users in Oregon? Yes, in fact there are over 200,000 LinkedIn users and growing in the greater Portland area.

If you’re a trade group trying to reach and engage leaders and executives in specific industries, this may be a great tool to utilize or at the very least test. This new feature combined with LinkedIn’s geographic and industry targeting tools, allows for very efficient and hyper targeted advertising, much like Facebook and Google advertising.

If you’re not familiar with LinkedIn and want to learn more about it, check out our recent blog post, entitled Is LinkedIn Right For You?

Take-A-Survey: Location Based Social Media

Help Wanted: Take 5 Minutes & Participate in My Project

In addition to my duties as a senior digital strategist for Common Ground, I am also a graduate student at the University of Oregon in Portland. I am a candidate for a M.A in Strategic Communication and currently in my final term and working to complete my final project on location based social media such as Foursquare, GoWalla and Facebook Places.  As a part of my project I am conducting an online survey to measure and analyze why both individuals and businesses use and don’t use location based social media.

In order to optimize the accuracy and validity of my research, I want to get as many people and businesses and organizations to complete my online survey. I would greatly appreciate if you could would help me out and participate in my survey below. Thank you in advance for assistance!

New Redesigned Website for Rep. Tim Freeman

Common Ground is proud to announce Representative Tim Freeman’s (HD-2, Roseburg) re-designed online office and website. Representative Freeman’s new website innovative and forward-thinking features include:

– Social media integration: Facebook widget, social icons and embedded share tools
– E-newsletter Capture & Archive:
Sign up for newsletters and view archive
– Interactive Google District Map:
Zoom and navigate the district using Google Maps
– Hot Issues:
Resource section on the homepage for the latest issues and topics
– Constituent Sign Up Forms:
Apply for an internship or sign up for a capitol visit

Congratulations, Representative Tim Freeman, on your new website! Check out his new site today at –

Focus on More Engagement Before More Fans

What’s the most important metric to measure the success of your Facebook page? Total Fans? Wrong, although having thousands or millions of users as fans or “likes” on your page represents vast potential (just ask President Obama), it doesn’t automatically spell success. Bottom line: Your fans are only as valuable as how engaged they are. Don’t get too caught up in the raw numbers of total fans, if your fans are not being activated to become involved with the content of your organization or campaign, then they’re simply just a number, not yet a valuable asset. Here are some steps to take to increase engagement with your fans:

What’s the Future of Politics & Social Media?

Mashable, one of my favorite blogs to keep tabs on social media trends has recently published a post about 4 key predictions of the future social media and politics. This is a very interesting take on how social media will become an ever-important piece of the campaign puzzle. This post is a must read for any campaign and political guru and operative looking to gain insights into what’s next on the social media horizon for political organizations and campaigns.

The following post is written by Matt Silverman, a social media expert and Mashable contributor.

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