Common Ground Initiative

Welcome To Intersections!

November 16, 2010


Common Ground is excited to announce and launch our new blog, Intersections. Why is it called Intersections you may ask? Because our true vision for this blog is stimulate, organize and direct a plethora of helpful resources to create an engaged community at the intersection of advocacy and social media.

Unique Tips, Trends and Insights

Here readers can find posts on social media and digital technology trends, tips and insights as well as useful case studies and perspectives to help your team or organization navigate and learn more about how social media tools can help achieve your objectives. We love to fish, at least for insightful news stories, studies and other interesting content on the web that will keep you up to date on what’s going in social media and politics.

Make Some Noise! Tell Us What You Think!

We want Intersections to be place of discussion and dialogue between its readers and authors, so please ask questions, provide your feedback, tell us what you really think! To live up to the name Intersection, we going to have to create some noise, conflict and maybe even honk at each other every once a while. Also, if you found a post helpful or interesting, please share the post on your Facebook or Twitter profile by clicking the ‘Like” button on the top of that post or the “Share on Twitter” link at the bottom of each post.

Don’t Just Read Our Blog, Write For It

If you’re interested in becoming a guest author or regular contributor to Intersections, then email us at with your ideas for content, some information about yourself and why you want to get involved.