Common Ground Initiative

New Official Websites for Rep. Esquivel and Weidner

March 21, 2011

Common Ground is proud to announce the launch of new official websites for Representative Sal Esquivel (HD-6, Medford) and Representative Jim Weidner (HD-24, McMinnville). Representative Esquivel and Weidner’s new interactive web platforms possess an array of modern features that will empower them to better communicate and interact with their constituents. Some of their innovative features include:

  • Interactive District Map: Navigate the district using a Google map
  • Multimedia Page: Watch videos of Rep. Esquivel and Weidner in action on the house floor
  • Capitol Tours: Learn more or sign up for Capitol tours from the website
  • Meet Jim: Sign up to meet Rep. Weidner in district or the Capitol directly from the website
  • E-newsletter Sign and Archive: View previous newsletters and sign up for the mailing list
  • Social Media Integration: Ability to “Like” web pages on Facebook and view social media channels
  • Facebook Widget: View the latest post or “Like” Rep. Esquivel or Wiedner’s Facebook page
  • Search A Bill: Easily search and find legislation

Click on the Rep. Weidner and Esquivel’s websites below to visit their live sites.

Rep. Wand Launches New Site To Better Serve Constituents

February 11, 2011

Our team here at Common Ground is proud to announce the launch of a new official website for Representative Matt Wand (HD-49, Troutdale). Wand’s new interactive web platform will enable his office to better educate, engage and interact with his constituents through innovative features like constituent sign up forms, surveys, an events page, e-newsletters, and social media integration.

Congratulations, Representative Matt Wand on your new website! Please take a moment to visit his site today at –

To learn more about Common Ground’s custom designed and fully integrated websites visit our web platform page now.

New Redesigned Website for Rep. Tim Freeman

January 23, 2011

Common Ground is proud to announce Representative Tim Freeman’s (HD-2, Roseburg) re-designed online office and website. Representative Freeman’s new website’s innovative and forward-thinking features include:

  • Social media integration: Facebook widget, social icons and embedded share tools
  • E-newsletter Capture & Archive: Sign up for newsletters and view archive with a click of a button
  • Interactive Google District Map: Zoom and navigate the district using Google Maps
  • Hot Topics & Issues: Resource section on the homepage for the latest policy issues and topics
  • Constituent Sign Up Forms: Apply for a student internship or sign up for a capitol visit online

Congratulations, Representative Tim Freeman, on your new website! Check out his new site today at –

To learn more about Common Ground’s custom designed websites visit our web platform page now.

4 Ways to Integrate Your Website with Facebook

November 22, 2010

How do people know we have a Facebook page? How do they find us?

I often get this question or variation of it from someone who just created a Facebook page for their organization. They’re trying to grow the number of fans on their page and bring better exposure to it, but are not sure where to start.

It’s a Long Answer, but Start with Your Website

A complete answer to this question involves multiple components and facets, so for this post I am going to solely focus on how to integrate your Facebook page into your website to help garner more fans and better integration. Your website is the best place to start to promote your social media channels. Last week’s post, How to Build Online Communities Through Offline Efforts is another great resource that will help your team promote your social media.

4 Ways to Integrate Facebook Into Your Site

These 4 steps are very simple and will go along way to pull your engaged audiences from your website into your Facebook page. Remember that over 40 % of Oregonians have a Facebook profile, so if 1,000 people visit your site, statistically, 400 of them are on Facebook.

  • Insert a Facebook Like Box in Your Home Page and/or Blog: This widget is a great to way to both provide a glimpse into the activity of your page and to boost your fans. People see what the latest posts are and, more importantly can click the like button within the widget and instantly become fans without having to actually go to your Facebook page. To insert a “Like Box” all you have to do is go to the edit page section of page and select marketing, then click the ‘Add a Like Box to My Website’ and type in the URL of Facebook page. After that, you’ll have the code you need to insert it in your page. Click here for instructions from Facebook.

  • Use Like Buttons on Your Back Pages: Another cool and free widget Facebook provides is the ‘Like Button,’ which you can see at the top of this entry. This button allows a person to ‘Like’ a page of your website, such as a press release. This action by an individual will show up on their personal profile and news feed, allowing their friends to see it and click on their update, which is linked to the press release on your website. Like buttons if used can really help drive additional traffic to your website or blog. Click here for instructions from Facebook on how to use ‘Like” buttons on your site.

  • Put a Prominent Facebook Icon on Your Homepage: A really simple thing to do on your homepage is to put a Facebook icon that links to your page on your header or under your e-newsletter sign up. You’ve probably seen other websites do this by putting all of their social media icons together, like we’ve done on our homepage. Putting copy like, ‘Join Us on Facebook’ or ‘Connect and Comment’ by the icon help bring attention to it. Hopefully within seconds of someone visiting your site, they will see the icon and at least know your on Facebook.
  • Link Back to Facebook in Your Web Content: When posting content on your website, think about if there is an opportunity to link back your Facebook page for something. For example if your posting content about an recent event or rally and there are photos on Facebook, then insert a hyperlink in the web content that clicks through to the Facebook photos. Or you can reference a comment from one of your Facebook fans (with their permission of course) that’s relevant to your web content. This illustrates that your organization recognizes and appreciates your fans feedback and input.