Social Media Facts

There is no question about it, social media represents a fundamental shift in the way our world communicates. In just a few years, social media and e-communications have redefined methods of voter outreach and engagement. It’s no longer a choice on whether successful campaigns and organizations use social media, it’s now becoming a matter of how well they use it.

How Fast and Big Has Social Media Become?

  • There are over 1.56 million Oregon Facebook users – Compare that with the Oregonian Circulation of 238,000
  • If Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd largest (500 million users)
  • YouTube is now the world’s 2nd largest search engine in the world behind Google
  • Today, there are over 50 million Tweets a/day. In 2009 it was 5 million
  • The greater Portland area has 325,000 LinkedIn users
  • Over 4 billion photos have been uploaded to Flickr
  • There are over 200 million blogs today – what are they saying about you?
  • 86 % of adults under 35 have joined at least one social network
  • Only 14 % of people now trust traditional advertising – 78 % trust customer referrals
  • Years to Reach 50 millions Users: Radio (38 Years), TV (13 Years), Internet (4 Years)… Facebook added over 200 million users in less than a year

Only Teenagers and College Students Use Social Media Right?

  • Fast growing demographic of Facebook: 55-65 year old women
  • Average Linked In user: 44
  • Average Facebook user: 37
  • Average Twitter user: 34
  • 84 % of senior citizens report they watch at least two YouTube videos a/month
  • 66 % of senior citizens report they read blogs to research products and/or political candidate

Social Media Has Exploded in Growth, While Traditional Mediums are Struggling to Survive

  • In 2008, more voters (64%) went online than read newspapers (49 %) to research candidates
  • Americans now spend more leisure time online than watching television
  • 24 out of the 25 largest newspapers in the U.S are experiencing record declines
  • This Christmas eBooks outsold paperback books
  • 90 % of people skip over TV commercials via DVR, Tivo and OnDemand
  • 52 % of people listen to their favorite radio station on their computer
  • 28 % of people watch their favorite TV show on their computer

For more facts and trends on social media watch the video below: