Facebook Advertising Case Study


Like many advocacy groups, Common Sense for Oregon created Facebook page and saw stagnant fan growth after the first month. They were stuck on 500 fans and couldn’t seem move their numbers. After consultation with Common Ground, Common Sense decided to give Facebook advertising a try. With just a $500 budget, Common Ground developed an highly targeted advertising campaign to help pull in key audiences into Common Sense’s Facebook community.


To boost the number of Common Sense Facebook fans


Using an untested tool to target and convert new audiences into Common Sense Facebook fans.


Using Facebook profile and interest keywords, Common Ground was able to identify Facebook users in Oregon who had connections on their profiles to like-minded interests and groups of Common Sense. We built placements comprised of user segments with different formulas of profile keywords based on our top target audiences. Because the ads were so relevant to the Facebook user’s interests and values, very high conversion and click through rates where achieved. The top performing ad, seen below, produced over 560 fans within 3 days at cost of $40.00. Common Ground placed this ad to only Chris Dudley Facebook fans and was ran right after Dudley’s primary election victory in late May.


  • Common Sense went from just over 500 Facebook fans before the ad campaign to over 2,200 fans after the conclusion of the campaign.
  • Common Sense surpassed Blue Oregon, an established blog and adversary in total fans.
  • By spending just $500, Common Sense was able to grow their total Facebook fans by over 300% in 4 weeks.
  • Given that the average Facebook user has 230 friends, Common Sense now has a potential viral connection to over 500,000 individuals through their Facebook fan base.
  • Now, Common Sense for Oregon has thousands of individuals on their Facebook page that they have a lasting connection to and can be called on to help achieve organization goals and initiatives.

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