Email Match


Capture Targeted Emails Based on Specific Criteria

We can match your current list to our E-mail database containing over 400,000 deliverable E-mails in Oregon. All of these emails belong to registered voters and have been cross matched against the Oregon voter file of 1.8 million records.

No Existing Database? No problem, you select the quantity, formula and universe of your email database based on specific demographics, legislative districts and voter tendencies.

Key Features:

  • Match between 15-20 percent of any file or existing list with confirmed deliverable opt-in E-mail addresses
  • Enable your team to quickly and effectively target voters and activists through cost-effective E-mail communication
  • Instantly take your list from hundreds to thousands of emails
  • Expand the reach and exposure of your messaging capabilities
  • Use targeted emails to quickly educate and activate supporters when your issues are at forefront
  • Easily integrate your email database into your enewsletter and e-communications platforms

Segment Your Email Database from the Following Categories: