Online Advertising


Pinpoint Your Audience with a Tailored Message

Social media and online advertising is taking targeting and segmentation to new levels. Web advertising is now one of the best ways to reach your audiences in a very direct and relevant way. Why spend thousands of dollars on franked mail when you can target your audience more cheaply and effectively with online advertising?

Online advertising provides powerful capabilities to select your audience based on geographic, demographic and psychographic information. Targeted Facebook, Linked In and Google ads are essential to building awareness and engagement of your organization. Effectively placed online ads can drive thousands of fans and engaged visitors to your Facebook page and website every week.

Key Features:

  • Facebook ads enable you to target your message based user’s profile information and identify what personal values and interests your message will resonate best with
  • Utilizing psychographic data will fuse your message with those who will most likely respond to it
  • Real-time metrics allow for constant evaluation and adjustment of ad copy and target audience based on click through and conversion rates
  • Compared to traditional advertising like newspaper and radio, online ads are a fraction of the cost and produce instant measurable results
  • Google search and banner ads can precisely target the audience you’re trying to reach through targeted placement based on what kind of content people search for and read on the internet
  • Promote your events, telephone town halls and speaking engagements on targeted websites that your audiences visit most and relevant Google searches

Case Study:

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Reach the People Who Count, Don’t Count the People You Reach

With Google display advertising, you can place your ads on the websites that your target audience frequently visits to ensure your reaching the most important people and groups for your cause and objectives. You can also decide the geo-targets, down to the zip code for your ads as well. This precision placement refines your message to exactly the audiences you want to reach.