Telephone Town Halls


Interact With Thousands of Voters in One Night

Reach thousands of constituents quickly and effectively with our Telephone Town Hall system. Our tool lets you define the issues and control the message using proactive outreach. On average 18-22 percent of those called will join a telephone town—10,000 auto-dials equates to 1,800 – 2,200 participants. Compare that with traditional telephone town halls, where 15 – 25 people typically show up. All the sudden your ability to directly communicate with key constituencies is at a whole new level.

Key Features:

  • The Telephone Town Hall System lets you hold live town hall meetings on the phone at the push of a button.
  • Use phone lists to strategically get your message out to targeted audience(s)
  • View who is on the call and how long they are on in real time – on your own computer screen
  • Your office controls every facet of the call, including which callers are able to ask questions
  • Utilize automated polling features to effectively engage and get to the heart of the callers
  • Seamlessly integrated into our e-newsletter, and web platform tools
  • Effortlessly tailor future messages to better connect with voters, whether it’s by email, on the web, or with future town hall meetings

Case Study:

Read our featured case study on telephone town halls.

Listen to a Telephone Town Hall!

Click here to listen to Oregon State Representative elect Mark Johnson’s recent telephone town. Rep. Johnson auto-dialed 14,100 phone numbers in his district, resulting in over 3,300 individuals joining his call about local job creation and education.

Participant Testimonial

“I want to thank Rep. Bruce Hanna for inviting me to participate in a telephone town hall discussion… all I had to do was to stay on the line to listen, or even participate in questions if I desired to do so. While the telephone session is not as personal as a face-to-face town hall, I was able to participate from my home, it didn’t take much time, and was very informative. I hope Rep. Hanna holds more of these town hall phone meetings.” – Wesley Melo, Roseburg (testimonial C/O of a letter to editor in the Roseburg News-Review)

What Other Are Saying About Telephone Town Halls