Seminars & Classes

Educate Yourself!

To get the most out of Common Ground’s services, our clients need to be constantly learning and educating themselves on the capabilities and new strategies of our system. To this end, Common Ground’s staff offers training and classes on it’s products and tools for users with varying degrees of experience and skill. For new clients we offer basic classes to help you understand the core fundamentals of our products, while for more advanced clients we offer seminars to help you refine and improve your strategies based on your previous efforts.

Another great way to continually educate yourself is to check out our blog, Intersections. Here you’ll find insights and helpful resources on our products as well as posts about the latest social media trends that impact political advocacy.

Classes are Coming for 2012!

Currently, our team working on a schedule of classes for the upcoming months. If you’re a current client and have an idea or request for a class please let us know by emailing Please check back later in early December to sign up for our classes.