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Target Audiences by Job Title with LinkedIn

January 30, 2011

Is it Time to Add LinkedIn to Your Advertising Formula?

LinkedIn announced last week a big enhancement to their advertising platform. Advertisers now have the capability to target LinkedIn ads to specific job titles of their 85 million users. But are there any LinkedIn users in Oregon? Yes, in fact there are over 200,000 LinkedIn users and growing in the greater Portland area.

If you’re a trade group trying to reach and engage leaders and executives in specific industries, this may be a great tool to utilize or at the very least test. This new feature combined with LinkedIn’s geographic and industry targeting tools, allows for very efficient and hyper targeted advertising, much like Facebook and Google advertising.

If you’re not familiar with LinkedIn and want to learn more about it, check out our recent blog post, entitled Is LinkedIn Right For You? Read more about LinkedIn’s announcement and new advertisement feature below:

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LinkedIn Announcement:

January 26, 2011
By: Lauren Indvik of Mashable

LinkedIn is now allowing advertisers to target users based on job title, company name and LinkedIn group level. Previously, advertisers could only target users based on geography and industry.

Social networks like Facebook have long given advertisers the ability to target users based on shared information about gender, interests and relationship status, among other things, without compromising their personal privacy. It’s part of what’s made Facebook such an attractive platform for ad buyers, who have come to expect the same capabilities from other social networks, including LinkedIn.

LinkedIn says that in early tests, click-through rates have been three to four times greater for clients who distributed targeted ads compared to the site’s average.

Is LinkedIn Right for You?

November 18, 2010

If social media sites were in high school, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube would be the cool kids that everybody inspires to be. LinkedIn would likely be the kid who is almost in the cool “click,” trying to work their way in the group. Currently, Facebook has over 500 million users, Twitter 175 million and counting, and YouTube is now the second largest search engine only to Google. Logically, most organizations start with a combination or all of these sites when they dive into social media outreach and marketing. Usually adding LinkedIn to their strategy is an after thought or secondary priority, but could it be right for your team?

What is LinkedIn?

If you’re not familiar with LinkedIn check out the video below to learn what it’s all about:

A New User Every Second…

LinkedIn’s CEO, Jeff Weiner just announced that the professional social networking site is now adding a new member every second! It’s total membership is now up to 85 million users. Here in Oregon, there are approximately 375,000 registered users. Just because Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are getting all the attention, don’t assume LinkedIn should be ignored in your social media plan.

6 Reasons To Consider LinkedIn

  1. Reach older demographics: The average age of a LinkedIn user is 45 years old, 10 years older than an average Facebook user and 13 years older than Twitter user. Also, more business executives use LinkedIn than other social networks, providing a great medium to reach industry leaders.
  2. Connect to Like Minded Causes, Businesses and Groups: If you are a non profit or trade group, LinkedIn is great to get engaged in existing communities that you may represent or desire to be part of. Leverage these groups to grow your influence with key audiences.
  3. Faciliate and Encourage Valuable Discussions: Once you have created a group, LinkedIn offers options to host online discussions with your members. Stimulating conversations with your industry can prove to a valuable tool to gather insider insights that you would not otherwise be able to get.
  4. Send Weekly Updates to Your Group: This is perhaps the most beneficial feature within LinkedIn groups.  Take, Robert Flemming, who runs the eMarketing Association group on LinkedIn.  His group has almost 200,000 members.  Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars each year on email marketing you could simply create a group, and send them a weekly message for free.
  5. Intergration with Twitter, Facebook and Blogs: LinkedIn can easily integrate with other social media channels, including most blogs for effortless cross posting of updates. This helps with message consistency, management efficiency and keeping your page fresh with content and driving people to your other social media channels.
  6. Easily Add Your Contacts to LinkedIn: You can upload your address book to your LinkedIn account and it will automatically find who on your list of contacts has a LinkedIn account. With this feature, you are assured to quickly find and connect to your key contacts who are already using the LinkedIn.

What did we miss? What have you found especially helpful or useful with your LinkedIn account? Please share!

Are you sold? Click here to create a new account. Happy LinkedIn’ing!